About Us

  • We specialise in matching buyers and sellers of commodities and other products.
  • By using our services you benefit from the wide range of contacts that we have. For buyers, we are able to source a wide variety of products that match the specification, quality and price that you require. For sellers we have customers waiting to buy.
  • We charge a small commission to the suppliers, which comes from their markup. Because the prices we negotiate are very competitive, buyers therefore pay no more, and very often less, than if purchased direct.
  • We are not an involved party in the commercial transaction, the buyer purchases directly from the supplier, and payment is made directly to the supplier in the normal way (usually L/C). We are available during this process to help ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Suppliers that wish to work with us are required to sign a commission agreement. Please email to request a copy of this.
  • Let us take all of the hassle out of your day, and let us help to find a good supplier/buyer for you.